• Daani joins management Supreme

    Daani joins management Supreme

    Supreme is proud to add this Freestyle lady to it's management roster.
    Daani brings a lot of fun, joy and craziness to your stage!
    For more info please mail to
    For bookings mail to



    Last Monday Paul was proud to sign his contract at Fusion Records. He is known by his earlier dj act ‘Generator’ but will now continue his further career as HELIX. He makes his debut with one of his new productions, ‘Creation’ which will be released the 25th of September.

    When Helix was introduced to the Hardstyle scene he became inspired by the euphoric sounds of Atmozfears and Audiotricz. In a blink of an eye he was producing his own unique but mainly energetic tracks. With hard kicks and euphoric melodies Helix makes the promise that you will not be disappointed when visiting one of his performances.

    Besides producing his own tracks Helix lives up to the vision that sharing your knowledge about producing music is more than important. This motivated him to start his own company, ‘Beats & EQ’. Together with a friend they provide classes for starting artists.

    For licenses contact: Fusion Records / Freaky Music (

    For bookings or press-related questions contact: Supreme Agency ( /

  • Supreme Agency moves core business to Creative Management

    Supreme Agency moves core business to Creative Management

    Supreme Agency is changing its business model from bookings & management to creative management. Time is changing and so does the art of management. At Supreme Agency we noticed that it takes more time and effort to give our artists a proper career guidance and strategic advise than before. Therefore, we decided to keep our focus to one core business only and to partner up with other agencies for bookings.


    As of today, Your Agency will handle all bookings of Zany. Your Agency is a solid player in the industry when it comes to freestyle and all-round concepts/artists, representing Mental Theo, Lil Kleine, Giocatori and more.

    For Requiem, we've chosen to start collaborating with The Wishlist Agency. The Wishlist has proven to be one of the fastest growing agencies in the industry, representing Bass Chaserz, Deetox, Ransom, Sound Rush and more. From this day on, they will start handling the bookings of Requiem, while we keep handling the creative side of his management.

    We are looking forward to partner up with these agencies and will focus more on aspects like content creation, creative strategies, concepting, marketing and branding. If you have any questions about our artists, don’t hesitate to contact us. (

  • Supreme welcomes Pulse

    Supreme welcomes Pulse
    We at Supreme Agency are proud to announce that Pulse has signed with our agency.
    You might know him as 50% of 2-Sidez and besides that project he is now ready to rock on his own as well!
    Check out his first track Solicitude and get ready for a lot of energy.

    You can book Pulse at:
  • Supreme is delighted to announce the signing of Retrospect!

    Supreme is delighted to announce the signing of Retrospect!
    Inspired by the likes of Noisecontrollers, Wildstylez, Headhunterz and a bit of Zany's rough touch, this dymanic duo are set to put forth a new version of melodic hardstyle.
    One that remembers the past, but looks to the future.
    Retrospect has created an incredible debut album that is going to thrill and excite the mainstream crowd - one that showcases their vision for the new direction the genre can take.

    Their first preview. Bash, is now online on their social media channels.

    For bookings:
    For more information:

    Follow Retrospect:
  • 3 The Hard Way will close the Loudness area at Decibel outdoor

    3 The Hard Way will close the Loudness area at Decibel outdoor

    First they demolished the GelreDome during Hard Bass and now 3 The Hard Way will be back to close down the Loudness area at Decibel outdoor 2016. This new act, consisting of Regain, Jason Payne and Supreme Agency's very own Requiem, is ready to destroy this new target.

    Recently they did an exclusive interview with Hard News. You can find it here.

  • Megabase 2016 was out of this world

    Megabase 2016 was out of this world

    Last weekend Megabase - 'The One Who Knocks' took place on the legendary Almere Strand, which used to be the home of Defqon.1 Festival. Organization High Energy Events asked Titan to host his very own event and of course he couldn't turn this opportunity down.

    Despite the less fortunate weather, the vibe was out of this world and the crowd absolutely loved it. Be sure to check out for pictures and videos.

  • Megabase Outdoor - Line Up Release

    Megabase Outdoor - Line Up Release

    Megabase Outdoor > Line-up Release!
    Twee kartels, één ultieme battle en één koelbloedige kingpin die door vriend en vijand wordt gevreesd...
    Het zijn deze artiesten die het beslissende gevecht met elkaar aan zullen gaan op het Almere Strand.
    Op 23 april wordt het duidelijk wie de langste adem heeft en wat de vernieuwde LIVE act "The One Who Knocks" voor jullie in petto heeft.

    The One Who Knocks LIVE
    Jason Payne
    The Pitcher
    Kronos LIVE
    Degos & Re-Done
    Phuture Noize
    Sub Zero Project
    Prefix & Density
    Host: MC Da Syndrome

    Wil jij getuige zijn van deze bloederige strijd, wacht dan niet langer en schaf vandaag nog je ‘Outlaw’ ticket aan voor slechts €20,- (ex. Fee) op Ook is het vanaf nu mogelijk om een ‘Kartel’ tickets te kopen á €60,- (ex. Fee). Een kartel ticket is één ticket waarmee 4 personen tegelijk mee naar binnen kunnen. Het voordeel van dit ticket is dat je maar liefst €20,- korting krijgt en slechts .één keer servicekosten hoeft te betalen.

    Megabase Merchandise
    Heb jij je outfit voor Megabase Outdoor nog niet compleet? Check dan nu en scoor vandaag nog een super gaaf t-shirt of een dikke Megabase cap. Vergeet ook niet om direct je Megabase vlag te bestellen, exclusief verkrijgbaar op onze webshop!

    General Info
    Megabase Outdoor
    Zaterdag 23 april 2016
    11:00 – 23:00 uur

    Almere Strand, Almere [NL]
    Leeftijd: 18+

    ‘Criminal’ Ticket: €15,- (SOLD-OUT)
    ‘Outlaw’ Ticket: €20,- (ex. Fee)
    ‘Kartel’ Ticket: €60,- (ex. Fee)


  • Titan @ Dancefair 2016 - I Am Your Mentor

    Titan @ Dancefair 2016 - I Am Your Mentor

    'The One Who Knocks'. Wat houdt dit project precies in, hoe is Titan erop gekomen en wat kan je allemaal van hem in 2016 verwachten? Op zaterdag 13 februari kunnen jullie hem en zijn management het hemd van het lijf vragen op Dancefair! Zorg dat je erbij bent, want hij heeft nog iets speciaals te vertellen..

  • Megabase 2016 - Titan 'The One Who Knocks'

    Megabase 2016 - Titan 'The One Who Knocks'

    Één van ’s werelds gevaarlijkste Gangsters genaamd ‘Titan – ‘The One Who Knocks’ zorgt voor grote onrust rondom het beruchte Almere Strand vlak langs de snelweg A6. “The One Who Knocks” is de leider van een beruchte kartel dat opereert vanuit de luwte, maar genadeloos toeslaat als het nodig is. Al jaren regeert deze meedogenloze leider met een ijzeren vuist, maar nieuwe tijden zijn aangebroken. Verschillende kartels, één ultieme battle en één koelbloedige kingpin die door vriend en vijand wordt gevreesd. Op 23 april zal zich op het Almere Strand een strijd ontketenen die voor eens en voor altijd een einde moet maken aan deze opstand. Welke artiesten zullen vanuit de duisternis toeslaan om de orders van “The One Who Knocks” ten uitvoer te brengen?

    Om deze strijd niet onopgemerkt voorbij te laten gaan heeft Titan een extra ‘handeltje’ opgezet speciaal voor de diehards die dit écht niet willen missen. Scoor nu je ‘Criminal’ ticket voor een crimineel lage prijs van slechts €15,00 (ex. Fee). Tickets zijn exclusief verkrijgbaar op Wees er op tijd bij want dit ‘handeltje’ kan zomaar opgerold worden…

  • The Pitcher is back and more raw than ever!

    The Pitcher is back and more raw than ever!

    With his latest releases "Those Summer Nights" and "Watch Yourself (The Pitcher Remix)" Luc & Michel have put themselves back on the map with a refreshing raw sound. The guys from Hard News thought it would be a good idea to ask them all about it in an interview.

    This way it will be clear what The Pitcher will bring us in the future. Read the interview here:

  • Requiem destroyed Hard Bass with 3 The Hard Way

    Requiem destroyed Hard Bass with 3 The Hard Way

    Last Saturday was the premiere of the brand-new act 3 The Hard Way. Fusion is extremely proud that Requiem is one its members. At 6:30 they entered the stage to perform in front of a sold-out GelreDome.

    Requiem played a lot of new tracks, like "Ways of the Underground", "Psychotic Tendencies" and a special Hardcore edit of his track "Killa Hilla". It's safe to say that visitors of Hard Bass were treated to something they couldn't have wished for in their wildest dreams.

    3 The Hard Way is here to stay!

  • Supreme Agency welcomes Jones!

    Supreme Agency welcomes Jones!

    The uplifting vibe of those early years are what first attracted Jones to hardstyle, and to this day he enjoys those tracks more than anything that has followed. He knows more and more people share the same opinion, and it is his mission to let them relive those precious memories from the early days.

    His sets are powered by nostalgia, a keen ear for the right classic for the party, and an energetic performance behind the decks. This unique dynamic has allowed him to play at some of the biggest parties in The Netherlands, this year he performed at Defqon.1, Q-BASE, WiSH Outdoor, Intents Festival and X-Qlusive Holland XXL, to name just a few. This impressive list will be supplemented with a standout performance in the HMH at B-Front’s X-Qlusive, early next year.

    Therefore Supreme Agency is proud to add Jones to their bookings roster.

  • Supreme Agency

    Supreme Agency

    Fusion Bookings and Management is undergoing a change for the better - from this point onwards both will be represented by Supreme Agency.

    This move represents a new stage within the company’s history and it is geared towards a bigger and brighter future for everyone involved.
    The Fusion principles of transparency, professionalism, reliability, quality and trustworthiness will remain hallmarks of Supreme Agency, and the new venture will be just as easy and quick to deal with as before.

    Supreme Agency will remain an independent force within the Hardstyle scene, and will represent some of the biggest acts around, including, but not limited to, Zany, Titan, The Pitcher, DV8, Rebourne and Requiem.
    Furthermore, our roster of established unique acts, namely the Donkey Rollers and Titanomachy, will be expanded with the premier live-act Mean Machine, the collaboration between the legends of Zany and The Beholder, and the brand new DJ/Live-act DV8 Rocks!

    This new agency provides freedom to artists as now Supreme can deal with an act’s bookings and management without them being affiliated with Fusion Records.
    This fluid approach allows us to cater for artist’s every need within the ever evolving professional landscape of Hard Dance Music.

    Fusion Records will continue to operate unchanged. We have always scouted for the premier new talents in the scene, released top quality music, and pushed the genre forwards.
    The drive to upkeep these Fusion principles has never been stronger, and the creation of Supreme Agency consolidates our position moving forward.

    With over a decade of experience, a professional demeanour, and eye for talent, Supreme Agency is the dynamic new source for Hardstyle bookings and management in the Netherlands and beyond.

  • Supreme Agency welcomes Nightfall

    Supreme Agency welcomes Nightfall

    Fusion are delighted to announce that we are teaming up two great talents in the form of 'Nightfall'.
    Sven has spent years honing his productions, and Jeffrey the craft of dj'ing.
    A while ago they decided to team up to utilise both of their skill sets.
    The result is a duo of Fusion quality.
    This Producer/DJ team are the best of both worlds and they have a great future ahead of them.

    As a first release, they're dropping "Boom Like" and "No Surrender feat. MC I See"

    For bookings inquiries, please contact
    Supreme Agency or fill in the bookingsform here

  • Supreme Agency presents Rebourne

    Supreme Agency presents Rebourne

    Supreme Agency is proud to inform you of the international availability of one of our premier rising stars - Rebourne.
    Within the Euphoric branch of hardstyle, Rebourne is steadily cementing his place amongst its premier acts, through a combination of classy performances and excellent productions.
    At present, he is one of the few Dutch acts with a truly international reach, one which has already seen him play at Hard With Style in Los Angeles (USA), Monday Bar Sweden, the Street Parade in Zurich, as-well-as starring in his own tour of Australia.
    These global bookings have been supplemented by a host of appearances at The Netherland’s biggest events, incl. DefQon 1, The Qontinent (Belgium), and Dreamfields.

    For bookings inquiries, please contact
    Supreme Agency or fill in the bookingsform here

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